Doing Business Where Our Clients Do Business, Globally

HRG gives you access to a team of more than 12,000 people around the globe dedicated to finding the right travel solutions for you, always. In short, our people are at your service providing the knowledge, skills and passion to support you and your travellers in your day-to-day business.

Whilst we are a global organisation, our teams have been carefully chosen for their local expertise and are there to support and advise you every step of the way.

We have dedicated operations, offices and where required, specialist travel teams located within our clients offices, in over 120 countries. We are working hard to ensure we are doing business where you need to do business, globally.

Our Supplier Relations

HRG places great value on the relationships we have within the travel industry. These include airlines, hotels, car rental, rail companies, and other travel related services, and they enable us to deliver quality travel management services to our clients.

We continually review the way we work together with suppliers to ensure that we are not only delivering and receiving value on behalf of our clients but we are also able to help them better understand our clients’ needs and shape their offers to fit.

The overriding objective of our approach to supplier management is to maintain an independent perspective at all times. This means that we will always aim to deliver the right travel solution at the right price that satisfies the clients travel requirements and company policy.

Within this, we will always give priority to the clients own preferred supplier arrangements and support these agreements wherever possible. We will offer alternatives to the clients preferred list, if a service, or a price advantage exists. And where alternatives are selected, we will closely monitor volumes so that any client preferred supplier targets are still met.

When a client has no alternative other than to use a supplier outside their programme, HRG will recommend services from its own programme of preferred supplier arrangements. These will include rates from our worldwide hotel programme and any special air fares or offers from negotiated airline agreements.

Above all, our commitment to maintaining effective supplier relationships is about servicing our clients and HRG having the right relationship to make things happen, when it matters most to our clients.

As a market leading global Travel Management Company we have the combined size and scale of a significant client base, coupled with individual managed relationships for each customer to help differentiate our position. But we also have a very positive approach towards partnership with suppliers which makes us different from the competition.

HRG invests in the development of supplier relations, and has specialist teams around the world who’s role it is to maintain active communication. Ensuring that we, as a company, keep the travel supplier community informed and aware of HRG developments, and that we deliver an effective channel of communication for suppliers to engage successfully with us.

We take great pride in the performance of our industry relations. We believe the benefit of investing in this area of our business always pays off. When it matters most. When our clients need something to happen and when the solution can only be delivered through a well managed and effective business relationship.