Today, HRG operates in nearly 100 countries worldwide, employing around 12000 staff. Within the worldwide network, we have 25 owned operations and Standard and Associate Contract Partners. HRG operate within six regions as seen in the map below. You can find all contact details for our HRG Partners on Connect Worldwide, our global intranet.


AMERICAS Argentina Brazil Canada Chile Costa Rica Colombia Ecuador Mexico Peru Uruguay U.S.A. Vene7oela
EUROPE Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia & !ice ROCIOV a Buigana Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Derimar k Estonia
AFRICA Botswana Ca Iller0011 Gli Ana [WWI rvidldWi m I bt a Nigeria Republic of South Africa Tanzania Zimbabwe
Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Kazakhstaii Kosovo Latvia Liechtensiein
Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Montenegro Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Ponugal Romania Russiav—„ge.
MIDDLE EAST 011,& WEST ASIA Abu Mani Oman Bahram Egypt Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Morocco
Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kiriwioin
Qatar Pakistan Saudi Arabia Sri lanka United Arab Emirates Yemen
ASIA PACIFIC Australia Malaysia China New Caledonia
Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Korea Laos Macau
New Zealand Philippines Singapore Taman Thailand Vietnam

Our Partner network consists of Strategic, Standard (full) and Associate Partner agreements. All Partners are appointed for a fixed term and must adopt the HRG branding as detailed in their contracts. It is HRG’s strategy to operate on an exclusive country basis so we would normally have one Partner per Country. When signing the HRG Partner Contract, you confirm to undertake certain commitments to the network, including: Provision of corporate travel management services Adopting the HRG branding within the stated deadlines
Committing to ensure HRG service standards are delivered as defined in the contract Service Level Agreement (S LA)